Downloading specific VCF bundles

I wanted to reuse my VCF downloaded bundles on another SDDC Manager system so that i wont have to download it from internet again. Ive found an easy guide here in the VMware documentation. My goal was to download the specific bundle once and upload it on other SDDC Managers.

The first command from SDDC manager was to list the bundles. The lcm bundle transfer utility can be found in /opt/vmware/vcf/lcm/lcm-tools/bin

./lcm-bundle-transfer-util -du ${depotUser} -l -p ${product_version}

I replaced the ${depotUser} with my vmware email address and ${product_version} with the version of the VCF product i wanted to install in my case I was greeted with a list of bundle IDs and the specific component that it was for:

Enter Myvmware user password:
Validating the depot user credentials...

Bundle         Product  Bundle Size  Components
               Version  (in MB)
bundle-27565  10092.0 MB   SDDC_MANAGER_VCF-
bundle-27336  5220.0 MB   VCENTER-
bundle-27337  7613.0 MB   VCENTER-

In my case i need the installer. To download a specific bundle we run

./lcm-bundle-transfer-util --download --outputDirectory ${absolute-path-output-dir} --depotUser ${depotUser} -b ${bundle_name}

in my case it was:

./lcm-bundle-transfer-util --download --outputDirectory /some/temporary/location --depotUser [email protected] -b bundle-27565

This allowed me to grab the download from /some/temporary/path and save it/upload it on my other SDDC Managers that were missing it.

Finally before the patch can be used in SDDC Manager we need to upload it to the repo. Please note that once we issue the upload command the download gets deleted, so make sure you save the download ahead of time

./lcm-bundle-transfer-util --upload --bundleDirectory /some/temporary/path -b bundle-27565

Once the upload was complete i was able to see it in SDDC Manager as an package that i can apply.

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