Properly cleaning up VCF downloads\bundles

With all the recent releases for VCF i noticed that my file system was getting full and once the updates are complete i wanted to reclaim all that used space.

The first step was to identify the Bundle ID. We can find this by going to the bundle itself and checking out the details by clicking on View Details

For example this specific Bundle ID is ee194251-9fe4-4729-9c29-ca5172acffc6

At this point i had to log in to the sddc manager and issue the following command:

/opt/vmware/vcf/lcm/lcm-app/bin/ ee194251-9fe4-4729-9c29-ca5172acffc6

We can also specify multiple bundle IDs:

/opt/vmware/vcf/lcm/lcm-app/bin/ 168ee409-d2b7-40e5-9d77-1dc3cec75e07 1f44ba0a-bf48-493e-a92b-bd791a201c12

I hope this helps

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