Deploying the vRealize suite using VCF 4.0

The official documentation for deploying the vRealize suite can be found here

First step is to download the bundle by going to sddc-manager -> Repository -> Bundle management. Look for VMware Software Install Bundle – vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1.0-16256499

After the download is complete we can go to Administration -> vRealize Suite and a deploy button should be available. If the deploy button is not available due to X-Region Application Virtual Network is not created error please follow the instructions found here:

Verify the Prerequisites and click on begin

Fill up the network settings and click next

Fill up the Virtual Appliance Settings:

Review the summary and click Finish

We can follow the progress by click on the Task on the bottom of the screen

This allows me to see the subtasks that are running

Once the deployment is complete we can open the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager by clicking on the link

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