Changing vRO Kubernetes IP range

I recently ran through an routing issue where the Kubernetes IP range in vRO 8.6 was used somewhere else on the network. I didn’t want to redeploy the appliance so i went through the below to get it updated

First i identified what the ip range in use is by running

vracli network k8s-subnets

Lets check the status of the pods to make sure everything is running as it should. If any of the pods experience issues the change wont go through and it will cause additional issues

kubectl get pods -n prelude

The expectation is that under the Ready tab we have something similar

NAME                               READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
docker-registry-695f9b8b45-d8gqr   1/1     Running   0          53m
postgres-0                         1/1     Running   0          53m
proxy-service-5d8f64b54-lmxg5      1/1     Running   0          54m
vco-app-78499d8cbd-4mcnk           3/3     Running   0          54m

To set a new internal Kubernetes ip range i ran

vracli network k8s-subnets --cluster-cidr --service-cidr

Then in order to apply i changes i ran

vracli upgrade exec

I was prompted with a question

The services will be shut down while upgrade is in progress. Confirm you want to continue with the upgrade operation.[Y/n]

By pressing Y the system went ahead and reconfigured\redeployed the pods on the proper network

And lastly i wanted to check the status of the pods to make sure they all came back

kubectl get pods -n prelude

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