vCenter upgrade fails with Exception occurred in postinstallHook error

I was recently going through a vCenter upgrade and got stuck at an error Exception occurred in postinstallHook. I tried reverting from snapshot and trying again but i ran through the same issue.

The issue in my case was that the had the wrong permissions. The fix was to change the permissions to perfcharts:cis and then resuming the update in the VAMI interface. The is located /usr/lib/vmware-perfcharts/tc-instance/conf/ The command to fix it is

chown perfcharts:cis /usr/lib/vmware-perfcharts/tc-instance/conf/

Then restart the vmware-perfcharts service by running:

service-control --stop vmware-perfcharts
service-control --start vmware-perfcharts

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  • Brian Owen

    November 1, 2021

    I had this issue a few weeks ago. Took GSS a few days to figure it out. I was told there’s an internal KB on it. Glad to see it on your blog to help others.


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